Thursday, March 3, 2011

Am I even still a blogger?

don’t hate me.


I realize it’s been approximately a month and a week since I last blogged.  and that was a blog about my drapey kitty-son.

I suck.

in my defense, hubs and I decided shortly after that blog post to find a new apartment and the time since then has been an adventure.

when we first decided to move, we knew we’d have to save a lot of money for a deposit (both standard and pet), moving fees, etc.  because of that, we drastically cut our budget down to barebones.  whiiiiiich meant: no. more. crafting.

my measly $20 a week craft budget went to ZERO.  what would I blog about without my crafts??

so I stopped blogging.  we found an apartment and, thanks to hubs’ lovely tax return, we are moving…


everything is packed and ready to be loaded on the truck.  my lovely bloggy-friend/ new IRL almost-bff Yankee Belle B is coming to help and we are READY!!

aaaaaand I’m BACK!!

New Blog Sign-off

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