Friday, September 24, 2010

Another $2 Creation

My inspiration for today’s craft came from Londen of Sixty-Fifth Avenue, via A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress.  She created this for her daughter’s playroom:


Londen used a Martha Stewart Butterfly craft punch to create these cute little butterflies from magazine pages.  LOVE this for a child’s room.

I decided today that I wanted to make something like this for my bedroom.   I didn’t want to use butterflies, though.  I am not a fan of butterflies for grown-up spaces.  I am, however, a fan of lovebirds! 


I really like this craft punch and will buy it one day.  Today was not that day!  $12.98 at Michaels is generally too much for me to spend and I didn’t want to wait until Sunday to use a 50%-off coupon.  So I moved on to plan b.

I found this while I was looking for a bird tenplate and it started the wheels turnin’ in my head.

birdie ornament-0032[1]

I know, right?  Precious.  Jessica at Living the Swell Life created these adorable bird ornaments. 

I used her template to cut two different birds out of scrapbooking paper.  I found an 8-pack of paper for $1 at Target. 


My template gave me these:


I covered the cardboard backing of a Dollar Tree picture frame with parchment paper…


yeah, you heard it right!  I used good ol’ Publix parchment paper as a background for this project.  I brushed craft glue on the cardboard and smoothed it out a little bit, but I like the texture it created.  Looks a little shabby chic-ish to me!


I, of course, wanted to add a little more of my style to the picture, so I decided to mimic my book wreath and attach ribbon to the top. 

Here is the final product:

(The picture is not crooked on the wall; my pictures sometimes come out a bit lopsided:) )

For a $2 craft, I think this turned out really well!  I love how it adds a sense of whimsy to our bedroom- and it represents us- two lovebirds!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My wedding is 25 days away...


This was a game from my bridal shower this past weekend...  

Letter Project

Grams made some gorgeous letters, with pictures of her family and gorgeous grandbabies on them.  

When I saw them, I immediately thought of these as a great way to display wedding pictures.  I asked dear Grams if she would make some for me, but her hubby is coming home soon from Iraq and she is busy preparing for that.  I, of course, cannot be upset with her-- I can only imagine if my fiancé had been in another country for so long; I wouldn't be leaving the house in preparation!  

So I decided to try to make my own...  minus the pictures, because I don't have that much patience ;)

Here is my start:

The stripes, front and back have been painted on these two letters.  I've been buying these letters only when I have 50% or 40% off coupons, to save myself about $10.  I still need the "S" in "Manis," two bases, and the sticks to connect the basis.  They will be so cute!

In other news, my new job allows me to hang out with this fellow all day:

Best baby EVER!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I did it!!

This was the inspiration for my Book Wreath:

I found it at Living With Lindsay.

After three days, burnt (and blistered) fingers and a leg, and almost a whole pack of glue sticks, I made this:

I am SO in love with this wreath!!  I made it from a book called There Is No Me Without You by Melissa Faye Greene, which I found at the Dollar Tree.  I also got the foam wreath form from the Dollar Tree.  The grand total for actual materials was $2 dollars!!  (I had to buy the glue gun and glue sticks, but that's more of an investment to me)  It is beautiful, classic looking, and could easily have come out of an Anthropologie catalog!  So in love!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I worked on my book wreath all evening and it looks like this...

My fingers look like this...

Lord help us!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Book Wreath?!

I am in the process of making one of these:

Two dollars.  That's IT.  That's all I spent on this craft.  We'll see how it turns out once it's done...  :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Can you believe...

THIS is now mine?!  My fiancé thinks I'm crazy, but it's MINE!  It was free, along with a large-ish rectangular, double-hung window.  All it took was an adventurous trip to Stockbridge, GA and figuring out how to get it in my tiny Nissan Altima.  I am so in love.  Stay tuned to see what I cook up to do with it!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's all about the U!

In honor of the first University of Miami football game tomorrow night, I borrowed this cute little poem-thingy from Miss "All Things Southern and Preppy."  Even though Miami is not in the SEC (fiancé just informed that that the U is in the ACC and then proceeded to list the other schools in the ACC), I think Miami fans still exhibit these characteristics.

Northern vs. Southern Football

Women's Accessories

NORTH: Chap Stick in back pocket and a $20 bill in the front pocket.

SOUTH: Louis Vuitton duffel with two lipsticks, water proof mascara,and

a fifth of bourbon. Money not necessary - that's why we have boyfriends.

Stadium Size:

NORTH: College football stadiums hold 20,000 people.

SOUTH: High school football stadiums hold 20,000 people.


NORTH: Expect their daughters to understand Sylvia Plath.

SOUTH: Expect their daughters to understand pass interference.

NORTH: Don't care if their daughters know what a football is.
SOUTH: Expect their daughters to buy a new outfit for Homecoming each year and marry a football player.

Campus Decor:

NORTH: Statues of founding fathers.

SOUTH: Statues of Heisman trophy winners.

Homecoming Queen:

NORTH: Also a physics major.

SOUTH: Also Miss America.


NORTH: Rudy Guliani

SOUTH: Paul "Bear" Bryant (or in Miami's case, Randy Shannon)

Getting Tickets:

NORTH: 5 days before the game you walk into the ticket office on campus
and purchase tickets.

SOUTH: 5 months before the game you walk into the ticket office on
campus, put name on waiting list for tickets, then still have to camp out.

Friday Classes After a Thursday Night Game:

NORTH: Students and teachers not sure they're going to the game, because
they have classes on Friday.

SOUTH: Teachers cancel Friday classes because they don't want to see the
few hungover students that might actually make it to class.


NORTH: An hour before game time, the University opens the campus for
game parking.

SOUTH: RVs sporting their school flags begin arriving on Wednesday for
the weekend festivities. The really faithful arrive on Tuesday.

Week of Big Game:
NORTH: Don't even know who they are playing on Saturday.
SOUTH: Make sure clothes are color coordinated, make signs to support the home team, get shakers ready, pray for a victory, and bow down to football players when students see them.

Game Day:

NORTH: A few students party in the dorm and watch ESPN on TV. Wonder why Game Day Live is never broadcast from their campus.

SOUTH: Every student wakes up, has a beer for breakfast, and rushes over
to where ESPN is broadcasting "Game Day Live" to get on camera, cheer tirelessly, and wave banners.


NORTH: Raw meat on a grill, beer with lime in it, listening to
local radio station with truck tailgate down.

SOUTH: 30-foot custom pig-shaped smoker fires up at dawn. Cooking
accompanied by live performance by "Hootie and the Blowfish," who come
over during breaks and ask for a hit off bottle of bourbon. Televisions set up with satellite dishes so that we don’t miss any football games shown before and after ours.

Getting to the Stadium:

NORTH: You ask "Where's the stadium?" When you find it, you walk right

SOUTH: When you're near it, you'll hear it. On game day it becomes the
state's third largest city.


NORTH: Drinks served in a paper cup filled to the top with soda.

SOUTH: Drinks served in a plastic cup, with the home team's mascot on
it, filled less than half way with soda, to ensure enough room for

When National Anthem is Played:

NORTH: Stands are less than half full, and less than half of them
stand up.

SOUTH: 100,000 fans, all standing, sing along in perfect four-part

The Smell in the Air After the First Score:

NORTH: Nothing changes.

SOUTH: Fireworks, with a touch of bourbon.

Commentary {Male Fan}:

NORTH: "Nice play."

SOUTH: "Dammit, you slow sumbitch -tackle him and break his legs."

Commentary {Female Fan}:

NORTH: "My, this certainly is a violent sport."

SOUTH: "Dammit, you slow sumbitch - tackle him and break his legs."


NORTH: Neutral and paid.

SOUTH: Announcer harmonizes with the crowd in the fight song, with a tear in his eye because he is so proud of his team.

After the Game:

NORTH: The stadium is empty way before the game ends.

SOUTH: Another rack of ribs goes on the smoker. While somebody goes to
the nearest package store for more bourbon, planning begins for next
week's game.

The world of college football is terrifically mystical to me.  I attended a women's college, so my college football experiences were limited to powderpuff games during our "homecoming" week.  I am marrying into a family of intense Miami fans, however.  My fiancé's grandfather and uncle both went to the University of Miami, making the school a matter of family pride.  Hopefully, I can figure out the game enough to be a cheerleading wife and NOT look like an ignorant girly-girl (which, let's be truthful, I totally am!)