Friday, September 24, 2010

Another $2 Creation

My inspiration for today’s craft came from Londen of Sixty-Fifth Avenue, via A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress.  She created this for her daughter’s playroom:


Londen used a Martha Stewart Butterfly craft punch to create these cute little butterflies from magazine pages.  LOVE this for a child’s room.

I decided today that I wanted to make something like this for my bedroom.   I didn’t want to use butterflies, though.  I am not a fan of butterflies for grown-up spaces.  I am, however, a fan of lovebirds! 


I really like this craft punch and will buy it one day.  Today was not that day!  $12.98 at Michaels is generally too much for me to spend and I didn’t want to wait until Sunday to use a 50%-off coupon.  So I moved on to plan b.

I found this while I was looking for a bird tenplate and it started the wheels turnin’ in my head.

birdie ornament-0032[1]

I know, right?  Precious.  Jessica at Living the Swell Life created these adorable bird ornaments. 

I used her template to cut two different birds out of scrapbooking paper.  I found an 8-pack of paper for $1 at Target. 


My template gave me these:


I covered the cardboard backing of a Dollar Tree picture frame with parchment paper…


yeah, you heard it right!  I used good ol’ Publix parchment paper as a background for this project.  I brushed craft glue on the cardboard and smoothed it out a little bit, but I like the texture it created.  Looks a little shabby chic-ish to me!


I, of course, wanted to add a little more of my style to the picture, so I decided to mimic my book wreath and attach ribbon to the top. 

Here is the final product:

(The picture is not crooked on the wall; my pictures sometimes come out a bit lopsided:) )

For a $2 craft, I think this turned out really well!  I love how it adds a sense of whimsy to our bedroom- and it represents us- two lovebirds!


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  1. Why do I love the little birds so much? They are adorable. So, so sweet! Lisa~