Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Letter Project

Grams made some gorgeous letters, with pictures of her family and gorgeous grandbabies on them.  

When I saw them, I immediately thought of these as a great way to display wedding pictures.  I asked dear Grams if she would make some for me, but her hubby is coming home soon from Iraq and she is busy preparing for that.  I, of course, cannot be upset with her-- I can only imagine if my fiancé had been in another country for so long; I wouldn't be leaving the house in preparation!  

So I decided to try to make my own...  minus the pictures, because I don't have that much patience ;)

Here is my start:

The stripes, front and back have been painted on these two letters.  I've been buying these letters only when I have 50% or 40% off coupons, to save myself about $10.  I still need the "S" in "Manis," two bases, and the sticks to connect the basis.  They will be so cute!

In other news, my new job allows me to hang out with this fellow all day:

Best baby EVER!

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