Sunday, October 24, 2010


On our wedding night, my husband and I drove to Atlanta and stayed at the Westin in downtown. 


This is, by far, the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in.  We had a luxury suite (bigger than our apartment), with two bathrooms, a huge living area, and a gigantic master bedroom.  The bathroom was my favorite part!  (My shoulda-been-a-photographer husband took pictures of everything BUT the bathroom)

In addition to the soaker tub, which I almost died in, the bathroom had this:

This is the most relaxing and delicious smell! Even my smell-sensitive hubby said, “holy crap, that smells really good!”  I, of course, took all the small samples they provide from the room- who doesn’t do that at a hotel?!  I would love to purchase this, but $12 for 7-ounces (found here) is way too pricey for me.  For now, I will use my samples sparingly and remember the calming smell and amazing room we had on our wedding night.

I will leave you with some pictures of the view from our 69th floor room- courtesy of the hubby!


love love love!

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  1. I love Westin hotels. My husband and I use to stay in one in Charlotte, NC and it was by far one of the best we ever stayed in. Congratulations again!