Thursday, January 20, 2011

mm mm good!

have you read this blog?

every time I read Shannan’s blog, I either sob bittersweet tears or laugh so hard I almost wet my pants.  she is just that wonderful.  I want to go to wherever it is she’s from, hang out with her and her babies (all adopted from different countries), and be her bff.  absolutely almost-creepy-stalker-like love her.

she posted a recipe for chicken artichoke pizza a while back.  hubs and I ate it tonight and duh!  it was completely delish.

here is a link to the recipe: Chicken Artichoke Pizza!

we substituted one package of Knorr vegetable soup mix for the Tastefully Simple one she used because that one is discontinued. but it was still totally easy to make and sooooo yummy!!

go visit Shannan’s blog and fall in lurve with her and her cutie-babies!

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  1. You are a total sweetie-pie! Thanks for being so kind to me. And I'm pumped that you enjoyed the pizza! Great idea for the substitution. I'll have to remember that!