Sunday, August 29, 2010

Laissez les bon temps roulez!

It's been a while since I posted, though I can't blame a rigorous work and social life for the absence.  When I decided to complete a one year Master's program for early childhood teaching, I had a much different view of my post-grad plans.  I thought I would find a teaching job beginning in fall 2010, work for a year, buy a house, have a baby, and have the perfect life.  Little did I know, the economy has made teaching jobs a precious commodity in most places around the US.  So I am still chugging away, jobless and getting antsy about the future.  

In the past few weeks, I have, however, had a chance to prepare for my upcoming October wedding.  I prepared and sent out around 75 invitations, worked on favors, met with our cake makers, and made some pretty great strides toward a completed wedding.  Stay tuned for a peek at my invitations to come this week.  I wanted to post them sooner, but also wanted to wait until all who were invited received them.  

A true product of my generation, I will watch just about any reality show that airs (unless it proves to be too mindless and ignorant for me).  One show that my fianc√© and I enjoy watching together is Swamp People on the History Channel.  It comes on at the same time as Mad Men so, naturally, I set the DVR to record it.  I love the passion that these men exhibit for a job, a way of life really, that very few people would ever do.  They hunt alligators to make their living.  Can you imagine??  Most of us wouldn't even want to clean a toilet for a living and these people hunt 500-pound killing machines.  

I went out with a good girlfriend for a "girls' night" last night.  It was so much fun and definitely much needed for both of us!  We realized how lucky we are to be in relationships because we saw just how slim the pickin's are for single men these days.  

My good friend Tanya (right) and I playing pool

I am trying to figure out how to make this blog one that I would get excited to read myself and how to increase my role in the blogging community.  Hopefully I can make this blog something that reflects my personality and the excitement that I feel in my life.


  1. I love reading your posts by the way. I wasn't sure if I had ever told you that and I just saw this one and realized we need to get out and do this again real soon! I know once I leave next weekend you are gonna need some relaxation time as the wedding gets closer!

  2. Thanks, girl! I really enjoy writing it! We DEFINITELY need to do it again; it was such a blast!