Monday, August 2, 2010


I spent my lovely Monday off going back and forth between reading "Eclipse" and doing some organization.  In a tiny, less-than-500-square-foot apartment, organization is key, especially when you have as much stuff as fiancé and I have.  I organized our tiny little linen area (not even a closet) and washed some linens.  I also made recipe cards out of all of the recipes I've printed out in the past year.  It feels good to be slowly bringing this apartment up to my standards!

I also did a bit of blog-stalking today and found the cutest DIY lighting.

(Found on The Stories of a2z, via Design Sponge)
As a true Southern lady, with canned vegetables in my pantry, this light sets my soul on fire.  I have always loved the easy charm and simplicity of Mason jars.  I even use one as a vase on my desk!  I can't wait to have a reason to make these!

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